About The Inquirist

The Inquirist Magazine is the premier source for thoughtful long form journalism, breaking news, and life lessons. Founded in 2018, The Inquirist will probably at some point have over 100k daily readers and have so much influence.

Our writers strive to offer thoughtful perspectives on news and cultural events with knowledgeable sources. We’ve always been a company that proudly does not ascribe to mainstream expectations of journalistic “integrity” or ethical “standards.” We believe that these rules unnecessarily restrict the ability for our authors to say what they want without consequences. Strap in!

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Meet our staff


Ari Mostow— Ari Mostow is a great guy, and he’s really nice to talk to if you just give him a chance. He has great ideas and he really deserves more respect from the other writers at The Inquirist. He wishes that certain people would stop putting Play-Doh in his hair when he’s not looking, because it’s seriously not cool. In his spare time, Ari has sued ten different office supply companies for making their thumbtacks too sharp. He lost all ten lawsuits, and owes thousands of dollars in legal fees.

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Nathan Mostow — Nathan Mostow goes to the same college his friends go to. He is majoring in unskilled labor and can’t wait to write for The Inquirist because he wants more experience with the computer. He hopes to grow into his current role as senior political correspondent and chief financial officer. In his spare time, he is an unlicensed sea captain.

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Nate Odenkirk — a senior at Crow College in South Bend, Indiana, Nate is studying to become a chef’s assistant. Nate was inspired to co-create The Inquirist after hearing about his friends wanting to make this website. If Nate earns enough, he plans to buy an RC blimp and then fly it in a real blimp.