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About Us?

The Inquirist Magazine is the premier source for soft journalism, unimportant newsbits, and inadmissable hearsay. Unlike other less serious satirical publications, we do not claim to be the “first,” “best,” or “only” source of news; we simply exist.

Founded in 2018, it will probably at some point have over 100k daily readers and have so much influence.  It is our pledge to you that we will work tirelessly for the website, delivering top-notch content forever. For updates, follow The Inquirist on Instagram (@theinquirist) and Facebook and twitter, what the hell. You can also reach us by clicking on our names.


Nate Odenkirk — (@onenatehundred) Read more about him at


Ari Mostow —  (@ari_mostow) Read more about him at


Nathan Mostow — (@nmostow) is a recent graduate of Northwestern University, even though he never returned any of the books he borrowed from the campus library. In his spare time, he performs stand-up comedy, writes scripts, and steals his neighbors’ Amazon packages and blames it on his other neighbors. (LA)


Billy O’Handley — (@whothehelltookbillyohandley) is truly a guy among men. He is responsible for parts of the metric system, and started the Peloponnesian War. Billy is also the head writer of Northwestern’s The Deep End, a writer for The Flipside and Sherman Ave, and a mediocre lover. In his spare time, he is the commissioner of Major League Baseball. (NYC/Chicago)

A special “thanks a million!” to the wonderful people who make art for our pieces from time to time. They are:




Our No Ted Pledge

We promise our readers that Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) has nothing to do with our publication. Our magazine is 100% Ted-free, and has been since 2018. Be sure to only buy products from ethical companies that have also taken the No Ted Pledge. He is a nasty man and a real ding dong. You can read our official statement here.

Thank you for reading!