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Meet our staff

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Nate Odenkirk — (@onenatehundred) is doing his best as a junior at DePaul University in Chicago, writing everyday. Nate is also the creator of Outsider Sports, the first-ever sports network for non-sports fans. His writing has appeared in The Chicago Genius-Herald and The New Yorker. Nate’s five-part radio play Summer in Argyle is something he’s very excited to show everyone, soon. His hobbies include eBay.


Ari Mostow—  (@ari_mostow) is a hardworking young lad who strives to deliver funny jokes to families all across America. He serves as the managing editor of Northwestern University’s official satirical news publication, The Flipside; writes for The Deep End, a comedy journalism show on his campus; and performs standup when nobody’s looking. His writing has not appeared in the New Yorker.


nathan-mostow-file-photo.pngNathan Mostow — (@nmostow) is a recent graduate of Northwestern University, even though he never returned any of the books he borrowed from the campus library. He lives in Los Angeles, where he interns at a literary agency. In his spare time, he performs stand-up comedy, writes scripts, and steals his neighbors’ Amazon packages and blames it on his other neighbors.

Check out our other projects:

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Outsider Sports Network (OSN): OSN endeavors to provide top quality sports commentary and news from reputable uninformed sources. A summer 2018 project by Nate Odenkirk, with frequent contributions from Nathan Mostow and Ari Mostow, it “leveled the playing field” as the only sports network for non sports fans.

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The Sell-You-Stuff (SYS) Network: SYS is the first-ever shopping channel to be a well-rounded entertainment network. Join hosts Nate Odenkirk and Ari Mostow as they Sell You Stuff™ in original news, religious, sitcom, and educational programming, and lots more. Truly the future of the straight-to-television retail experience.


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Cousins: a limited run podcast with cousins Nate and Keenan Odenkirk. They’ll explore topics around cousinhood, thanksgiving, and more all while being joined by interesting guests who can shed light on the bond that only cousins can share. The internet’s only podcast by cousins, for cousins, about cousins. Coming in 2020.


Summer in Argyle: a five-part radio play by Nate Odenkirk about the sleepy Massechussetts township of Argyle during the summer months. A tragic lawn dart mishap, a heated political campaign, and a man searches relentlessly for his lost metal detector. Coming in 2020.

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