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White Supremacists Annoyed They Have to Rally Around the Dilbert Guy

By Nathan Mostow

Thousands of white supremacists heaved an irritated sigh Monday morning as newspapers across the country dropped the Dilbert comic strip in the wake of creator Scott Adams’ racist tirade.  Many of the nation’s white supremacists, who have not subscribed to newspapers for years, had to Google the Dilbert creator and were reportedly underwhelmed with what they saw.

“I think his YouTube rant is great, but that comic strip is really lame,” said Wayne Dana, Chief Proudsman of the Idaho City White Pride Alliance.  “I’ll still Tweet some death threats to the Washington Post on my public account, but I really hope everyone knows I’m only supporting [Adams’] statements about black people being a hate group.  It would be really embarrassing if people think that I also like the comic strip­––I could even lose my job.”

Dana and other white supremacists complained that after supporting global icons like Roseanne Barr, Papa John, and Kanye West, rallying around the Dilbert creator feels like a significant downgrade.

At press time, alt-right commentator Ben Shapiro announced that his media outlet, DailyWire, had reluctantly finalized a deal with the Dilbert creator, subject to a strict admonishment.  “There’s no doubt that his views on race are really enlightened, but his sense of humor is stuck in the 1950s.  This signing could be really bad for DailyWire’s image if he keeps writing that hackneyed cartoon.”

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