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Film Review: ‘Nobody’

By Nate Odenkirk | Staff Writer

The author of this piece has no conflicts of interest to declare.

Nobody is a fast-paced action-packed flick that’s fun for the whole family. Bob Odenkirk stars as Hutch, an unassuming family man who comes into the crosshairs of the Russian mob and must fight his way out. It is rated “R” for “Really Good.”

As amazing as the film is—and I cannot recommend it enough—the best part of Nobody came early on, when I purchased the ticket. The filmmakers’ creative decision to have tickets for Nobody available online was a touch of artistic genius. Buying a ticket was a real rollercoaster! Fans of mysteries (who will I sit next to?), edge-of-your-seat suspense flicks (I hope this purchase goes through!), and interactive seating charts alike will leave their computers extremely satisfied with the experience. Nobody truly has it all.

Everybody must buy a ticket for Nobody. Heck, buy two. It is one of those films where you get even more out of purchasing admission a second time. Easily the best movie to come out of Hollywood since 2002’s Run Ronny Run.

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