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Biden Name Recognition Rockets to 53%

By Nate Odenkirk | Staff Writer

A new survey from The Inquirist-IQ puts President Joe Biden’s (D, 5′ 10″) name recognition at a whopping 53%, orders of magnitude larger than expected. “It’s shocking to think that over half of the country knows Joe Biden,” says Jan Artley, a data analyst who was not involved with this survey. Though most presidents are gauged in terms of their approval rating, opinions on the Biden presidency, either for or against, are not numerous enough to establish a national baseline.

It is not immediately clear why the President of the United States is so well-known at this moment. “What has he done recently to elicit such a boost in recognition?” asks Artley. “Also, who are we talking about again?” The bump could be attributed to last week’s creation of a Wikipedia page for the State of Delaware, which briefly mentions the current president, though that requires knowing about Delaware. More likely, Mr. Biden gained the notoriety by sharing the Democratic ticket with Vice President Kamala Harris (D, 5′ 11″) in November’s election. By achieving 53% in name recognition, Mr. Biden is on the cusp of becoming a household name in America. The new rating puts him solidly above Kevin and Joe Jonas, but he has a long way to go before reaching Nick-levels of stardom.

By achieving 53% in name recognition, Mr. Biden is on the cusp of becoming a household name in America.

“Every day, dozens of Americans are finding out about Joe Biden,” said Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary. “And while we do not discourage it, we certainly hope the trend levels off. I, myself, found out about Joe a few weeks ago when I got this job offer.” GOP leaders were quick to criticize, but weren’t sure who to direct the criticisms towards. “His name rings a bell,” admitted Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA, 4′ 2″) under intense questioning.

Despite the seemingly high watermark, 53% is not the zenith of Mr. Biden’s notoriety to date. His name recognition regularly topped 90% during the eight years he was vice president under Barack Obama. “That means lots of people who knew him then forgot about him,” said Jill Biden, the First Lady. “That’s my Joe!”


In line with an oft-repeated campaign pledge, Mr. Biden guaranteed Americans will be able to focus on other things. “If I lose, you will forget about me,” said the then-candidate at an in-person Zoom event. “But if you do elect me, I pledge that you will still forget about me anyway. Hell, I forget about me.” These latest numbers call that promise into question. If his recognizability numbers hold, Mr. Biden soon may find himself the topic of conversation.

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