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Hunter Biden Under Fire for Owning Shitty Acer Laptop

By Ari Mostow | Staff Writer

With less than two weeks until Election Day, a breaking story from the New York Post now alleges that Hunter Biden has been using a crappy Acer laptop from 2013 for all of his business and personal dealings.

Concern has mounted among Democrats that these accusations, if true, could be devastating for the former VP’s presidential bid. “Those laptops are so lame,” said Tom Ulez, a scholar at the Cato Institute. “It’s like, dude, who even owns those anymore?”

Donald Trump has also been quick to capitalize on Joe Biden’s son’s dumbass laptop, bringing it up in the second debate as well as on social media. “Wow. Today’s @nypost story on Hunter Biden’s clunky and outdated computer is a monster,” Trump tweeted Thursday afternoon. “Apparently it takes 10 whole minutes to boot up every time just to log in. A true embarrassment to our country. TREASON!”

Details were reported earlier this month on emails that were also recovered from Hunter’s laptop that included messages to his father begging for a new computer. In one of the emails obtained by the Post, Hunter writes, “Dad, please, all my friends are making fun of me – can I please use my allowance money to get a Macbook like the other kids have?”

A similar political scandal happened in 2004, when John Kerry was caught with a pager. Op-eds in the media blamed the senator for being the “reason airplane announcements still had to include pagers in the list of technologies to power off,” and it inarguably cost him the election.

As the clock counts down to November 3rd, the American people will have to wait and see how this unfolds. Analysts say that if Hunter Biden manages to get a good laptop soon – even a Chromebook – it may be possible for the Joe Biden campaign to turn things back around in time.

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