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1,200 Dollar COVID Checks Beginning to Run Out

By Nate Odenkirk | Staff Writer

Taxpayers across the country are beginning to gently sound the alarm that their 1,200 dollar stimulus checks from March are possibly starting to run out.

Back then, Congress passed the WHO CARES Act, which doled out twelve crisp hundred-dollar bills to every American in an attempt to shore up the economy and cover living expenses. “That check has helped me pay for my healthcare, groceries, gas, and so much more over these seven months,” said Jason Blimp, a food service worker laid off in May. “Throughout the whole summer, I’ve been living off the riches bestowed unto me, but now after paying for everything these last few months, I am down to just 700 dollars. Still quite a bit, but I am starting to become a little concerned.”

Americans who rely on the stimulus money have been quick to qualify their grievances. “No rush on the money,” said Tanya Michaels, a small business owner who is in a very precarious position. “I’m sure the government is hard at work in a good faith effort, and I don’t want to trouble them at all.” For Michaels, the check has been a “godsend” that has singlehandedly kept her business afloat and covered living expenses for her and her three young children in these difficult times. “Sooner is better for sure, but I am a very patient person and totally understand if they can’t come to an agreement. We will continute to live under the generous stipend of just over two dollars a day until then.”

Increased unemployment benefits are set to expire soon, too. Not to fear, says congressional leaders—unemployment benefits were never meant to be a panacea. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office estimates the weekly payouts are more than enough to cover the cost of living when supplemented by another source of income, like a job.

The government has continued to look for ways to be proactive in the crisis, if not a new stimulus bill. Last week, Congress passed a landmark bill encouraging Americans to look under their rugs, kitchen cabinets, and between sofa cushions for spare change. For his part, President Donald Trump has scheduled a visit next week to an overrun hospital, where he will look around and point at things.

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