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New Michael Cohen Book Accuses Trump of Lying, Racism

By Nate Odenkirk | Staff Writer

Explosive details from Michael Cohen’s new book, Disloyal, reveals the president’s previously known penchant for lying and racism. “Donald Trump lies,” writes Mr. Cohen in an especially salacious paragraph. “He lies a lot. A ton, if you will.”

The book, which is mostly written in simple sentences and contains only publicly available information, stretches back decades to 2015 when the Trump campaign started with Mr. Cohen as an advisor. “As someone who reads the news occasionally, Michael Cohen is uniquely positioned to tell us what went on behind closed doors,” said Dr. Jims Waffle, professor of Tell-all Books at Emory University. “He also had a spot on the Trump campaign and was Mr. Trump’s personal fixer, but there’s just so much in the open now that Michael Cohen can pull from.”

Mr. Cohen has up until this point been coy as to the book’s details. “I began working with Mr. Trump for the same reason anyone else does—to eventually write a tell-all book,” he said during his free phone call for the month. “The American people need to know the Donald Trump I’ve known from all the public appearances and statements he’s made. It’s time to pull back the curtain on the already pulled back curtain.” The book’s mostly before-seen observations on topics like birtherism are sure to make it a hit and may even affect the outcome of November’s election. “Birtherism was racist,” Mr. Cohen writes. “And Trump did that.”

The American people need to know the Donald Trump I’ve known from all the public appearances and statements he’s made.

“The alleged lying and racism in this book are extremely troubling to the American people,” said Dr. Waffle. “If these accusations are indeed true, it could doom Mr. Trump’s chance at a second term.” The Trump campaign denounced Mr. Cohen’s book as a blatantly fact-based examination into President Trump’s conduct. “Mr. Cohen, who has worked so closely with unsavory characters like President Trump, should not be trusted,” the campaign said in a short statement. For his part, Donald Trump is said to be working on a tell-all of his own about his experiences with Michael Cohen, titled Really Shitty Lawyer.

Does Mr. Cohen regret his association with President Trump? Chapter eight, provocatively titled “Yes,” gives valuable insight. When asked what consequences he has faced from his ties to the president, Mr. Cohen ran out of minutes and had to hang up.

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