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Trump Clarifies He Said Losers ‘OR’ Suckers

By Ari Mostow | Staff Writer

A recent story in The Atlantic magazine alleges that President Trump has repeatedly referred to soldiers who were injured or killed in battle as “losers and suckers.”

But in a tweet, the president lambasted the story as fake news. “I never said ‘losers and suckers,’” wrote the president. “I said they were losers, OR suckers. One or the other, not both. More lies from the pathetic Left!”

Trump’s version of the story, though met by widespread distrust on social media, was instantly picked up by Tucker Carlson on Fox News: “The radical left is stupid for thinking that anyone can be both a loser and a sucker,” Carlson said on national television. “Take me for example. I’m a loser, everyone knows that. But I wouldn’t even think for a second about becoming a sucker, because then I would not be a loser, which I love being, and I have been all my life,” he explained. “A loser loses, and a sucker sucks. Those are mutually exclusive things. Even I know that, and I’m a loser. You would think that Democrats would have access to a dictionary, but you’d be wrong.”

The president’s popularity in the military has slipped, according to the Military Times: his approval rating is only at 39% among active-duty losers, and a mere 25% among suckers. In 2016, he won both demographics by wide margins.

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