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Trump Campaign Surges in Upside-Down Poll

By Nate Odenkirk | Staff Writer

The Trump campaign is surging in upside-down polls with just two months before election day. A new Inquirist-IQ poll of 160,782,980 likely voters showed the president with support from 43% of voters, compared to 51% to Joe Biden. “President Trump’s law and order first message is working across America,” said the Trump campaign. “All you have to do is reverse the numbers and tilt your head sideways—something the fake news media will never do. We will Turn America Upside Down Again.”

The Trump campaign’s undeniable momentum—which can be seen if you rotate any news story 180°—has rattled many Biden supporters who have pushed for the candidate to constantly denounce riots percolating nationwide. “If Biden doesn’t do something quick, he will lose,” said Johnny DiGiorno, head of the So You Wanna Be President polling firm. “He has his job cut out for him: Biden needs to reverse the upside-down trend, so that it’s right side up and unreversed. That’s where the national conversation is as we head into the final 09 days of the race,” DiGiorno intoned. “Oh wait, I was reading that upside-down. We have 60 days left… Well then who cares? He has time. I’m sorry, I need to lie down.”

Trump upside down
Trump at his upside-down rally in Tulsa, OK.

The effort to utterly confuse or even hypnotize voters is not without merit. “In an upside-down election like this one, upside-down messages matter,” said Mr. DiGiorno. “2020 is so tiring that people will just vote for anything to make the weird images go away. That’s what Trump is banking on.” The unproven narrative that the world is upside-down has been embraced by fervent Trump supporters, who have begun gluing furniture to their ceilings.

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