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Local Bulletin: Bugg’s Ball Pit Now Open Again!

By Sally Bugg Jr. | Guest Writer

Dear loyal customers,

After a several month shutdown due to Covid-19, we are happy to announce that Bugg’s Ball Pit will be reopening for a clean and safe ball pit experience. In order to do so, we are implementing the following rules, effective immediately across all 6 of our locations in the Wilmington city area:

  1. Absolutely no children. According to the CDC, children tend to shed the coronavirus at abnormally high rates. They are also disgusting. Every time a kid comes here for a birthday party, they spit all over the cake and get germs everywhere. Not to mention the nose picking. Oh man, don’t get us started on that. To ensure the highest level of sanitation, we ask that only adults 18 and over play in our ball pits. We will be checking IDs at the door. 

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  1. No going in the ball pit. This is just common sense. Ball pits are cesspools of disease, especially in the middle of a pandemic. We understand that our guests are used to jumping inside our super fun, 5’x5’ Bugg Ball Boxes™, but we promise you will still be able to look – with your EYES ONLY – as much as you’d like for up to 30 minutes! Our ball pits are so colorful, it’s like looking at a real rainbow! Just like the famous Louvre museum in Paris, you will not be allowed to touch anything under any circumstances. In place of the physical ball pit experience, however, we are offering a paid photographer: for $25, we offer near-professional family photos. And with an extra $5 you and your loved ones can even be photoshopped into the ball pit!

Remember: stay safe, stay out of our ball pits, and bring a state-issued ID or drivers license!


Sally Bugg Jr., Head of Public Relations

Bugg’s Ball Pit, Inc. ♦

Ari Mostow is not welcome back at any Bugg’s location.

Thank you for reading!
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