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Mayor Pete’s Speech: Don’t Leave Me Behind in Milwaukee (Cut for Time)

By Nate Odenkirk | Staff Writer


I imagine a world where politics aren’t divisive or crude, where ordinary folks who disagree can get along, and decency—not demagoguery—are prized. For example, in my America, people would tell you that the convention is now entirley virtual, and that there’s no need to go and spend a week in Milwaukee.

The coronavirus pandemic has made daily life difficult and dangerous. Especially travel, which is why I would have loved to know we all agreed to cancel it before I showed up to the convention center, only to be turned away by the janitors. That’s not the America I know. I mean, come on. There was obviously an email that went out to everyone except for me. I am the only one here and I feel silly.

When Donald Trump was elected, I knew we were in for a difficult four years. His blatant racism, sexism, and affinity for dictators is hard enough, but then add onto that being left alone in Milwaukee. Milwaukee!

I am stranded here.

We are at a crossroads. We, as in, Chasten and I. I asked him to bring the station wagon back from South Bend, and he said it would take two days to drive all the way back. He seems pretty angry, like a lot of Americans are in my town of South Bend. They feel that Democratic party has left them behind. I relate. Millions are facing eviction, joblessness, and an uncertain future, thinking: “How am I gonna spend the entire week in Milwaukee? What is there to do here?”

They feel that Democratic party has left them behind. I relate.

No one should be left behind. The Democratic Party is the party of inclusion and giving everyone a heads up about a change of plans. But in Donald Trump’s America, it’s apparently okay to just completely forget about people like me. Joe Biden has spent decades as a public servant bringing both sides of the aisle together, and keeping everyone up to date. He’ll make sure that Democrats, independents, and even Republicans are all on the email chain. He won’t leave anyone behind, out in the sweltering Wisconsin summer heat.

I am proud to support my friend Joe Biden. I would love restaurant recommendations for the downtown Milwaukee area. ♦

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