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New Poll Shows Harris 10 Points Ahead of Biden

By Nate Odenkirk | Staff Writer

A new Inquirist-IQ poll released Wednesday shows California Senator Kamala Harris surging to a wide 10-point lead over former Vice President Joe Biden in the national contest. “This poll largely confirms the trends we’ve been seeing,” said Bart Kitchens, pollster at Polling King Insights. “Bottom line? Biden is in deep, deep trouble.”

The general election poll, conducted by eavesdropping on 736 likely voters, had Senator Harris with 53% of the popular vote and Mr. Biden at 43%. No other candidate received more than 10%. The margin of error is 0, because the eavesdroppers are sure about what they heard.

While there are still 80 days before the election, Biden’s options are fast running out. There is still time for him to tie himself to Senator Harris if he wants to make this race a truly competitive two-person contest. But first, he’ll have to convince voters that Harris really needs a number two sidekick in the first place. ♦

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