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Timeline: A History of 7-11

By Nate Odenkirk | Staff Writer

1776: U.S. Constitution includes the controversial “take a penny, leave a penny” clause.

1873: Tesla and Edison both claim to have invented the hot dog roller at the same time. They don’t really fight about that one, though.

1903: Polish immigrant Sivan Elevensberg opens the very first 7-11 in Manhattan’s Jewish quarter. He sells old world Polish street fare, like mini beef taquitos, jalapeno rollers, and his nonna’s loaded buffalo poppers.

Sivan Elevensburg tending to his gently rolling hot dogs, 1911. 

1907: Albert Einstein puts forth a theory for the existence of a “Double Big Gulp” in the universe, which at that point had yet to be discovered.

1919: Archaeological excavations of the Egyptian pyramids yield a 2,000-year-old blue flavored Slurpee, still drinkable but really melty and gross, you know the type.


1936: Development of the “scooper straw” for Slurpees placed on hold so researchers can work on the Manhattan Project.

1990: 7-11 begins selling lottery tickets. Kuwait liberated.

2012: Osama Bin Laden is killed by elite U.S. special forces for shoplifting a “share” size Peanut M&Ms, among other crimes.

2020: In response to the coronavirus pandemic, 7-11 offers to coat all masks in a protective layer of nacho cheese. Nearly every president declines the offer. ♦

Images deftly edited by @Famousronsoriginal

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