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Gov. Newsom: Stay-at-Home Order “Does Not Require” Posting Photos of Quarantine Breakfasts

By Sarah Mostow | Guest Writer

SACRAMENTO, CA—Gov. Gavin Newsom held a live news briefing on Thursday to clarify the rules of California’s Stay at Home Order did not include a mandate to put their breakfast, or any meal for that matter, on social media.

“I understand that this can all feel very confusing,” Newsom said. “Rest assured that Californians are in fact still allowed to enjoy scrambled eggs and orange slices without posting them to Instagram.”


The governor’s announcement put many Californians at ease. “I was so relieved to hear this,” said Sylvie Carrigan, a college student and resident of Sherman Oaks. “I had been waking up at 6 am every day so I had time to arrange raspberries neatly atop a bowl of oatmeal before my first class. Plus, there was the added time and stress of finding the right filter and the perfect placement of the heart-eyes emoji. It was exhausting, but it’s what I thought I had to do to keep myself and my loved ones safe during these scary and unprecedented times.”

Newsom later added that the guidelines also apply to sunny-side-up eggs and sliced avocado topped with Trader Joe’s Everything-but-the-Bagel seasoning. The time of day the breakfast food is eaten does not change the protocol, nor does eating outdoors, in a cozy breakfast nook or hammock, or on a colorful plate.

“My hope is that this briefing can clear up some fear and uncertainty many of you may be feeling,” said Newsom. “Please know that I will keep everyone updated on any changes surrounding California’s Quarantine Breakfast Policy, as well as our Safer-at-Home Acai Bowl Guidelines.”

In response to a question from a reporter, Newsom clarified that the policy includes those with dietary restrictions as well, adding that it is NOT mandatory to post pictures of blueberry pancakes just because they are vegan.

Newsom ended the briefing by thanking Californians for doing their part to keep everyone safe by continuing to share images of themselves engaging in unimpressive pastimes with the caption “quarantine hobbies!! :)” on a daily basis. ♦

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