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Trump Brand Greeting Cards

By Nate Odenkirk & Nathan Mostow | Staff Writers


Many people are saying this is the best birthday ever. Think so! But she should go easy on the cake.

Congrats on Big Wedding, and to many more in the future!

Merry Christmas! President O only gave out “season’s greetings” cards—so wrong!

You’re welcome!

I’m sorry for your loss. It’s a total disgrace. It’s a disgrace.

Get well soon! Medicare for all gives the WORST cards, you actually feel more sick!

Heard he died. Our condolenshes. They would be very glad I think to see you all crying, so nice.

New baby, good luck!

It’s your Bar Mitzvah, and I think that’s just great. You do the chair, and it’s great, right? I love the Jewish, I think they’re all fantastic.

Merry Christmas! Totally unnecessary for Jesus to die for my sins. I have no sins – totally exonerated (aquitted)!

Many in the media are saying it’s a girl. Wrong! It’s a boy.

I just graduated, too! 306 in Electoral College, won in MI and PA which were a “lock” for HC. Never give up! ♦

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