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Book Report Report

By Nate Odenkirk | Staff Writer

Nate Odenkirk is a seventh grader at Milkweed High School (go Sea Horses).

For my book-report report, I read a book report/review of Catcher in the Rye. Because it was our winter reading, I totally had time to read the full report, and so now I’ll report my thoughts on the book report on the book. In the essay, the person who wrote it astutely notes that Catcher in the Rye is an important book, filled with lots of small details. I thought that was super interesting and irreverent. Next, the person who wrote it also says that the book’s main character (or characters) mentioned in the report was someone important. I agreed with that because I thought that the book report, which was six pages, said a lot of interesting things that made me think a lot about the book and other things such as how descriptive the book was, and the ways in which the report writer did or did not relate to the point of view of the book writer.  I could relate.

One thing that I really liked about the book report was how much it talked about themes.

My favorite part of the book report was the introduction paragraph. It did a great job saying what book was being reported on and why they liked/didn’t like the book. It was an irreverent literary device they used as a hook to make me keep reading, the whole thing, which I did. One thing I would have changed is there were no illustrations. I’m… uh… a sight-focused person—I look at—I’m a visual learner, so that would have helped me understand some of the points he was trying to make. I also would have liked it if I was allowed to draw this instead of writing this essay.


One thing that I really liked about the book report was how much it talked about themes. I think the themes in the report were good, but also there are parts that I would not have written about if I had the chance. My favorite character was the author of the book, because he used very clear language and was very irreverent, according to the report’s author, whom I also liked for the same reasons.

The book report I reviewed got an A from the teacher, so I’m hoping that will shed some light on this. I hope I understood this assignment, because I took the time to read all of the review. I don’t want to give away how the book review ends, but I will say many of the ideas mentioned in the report are tied up nicely and the book being reported on got a recommendation of sorts, for friends of the reports writer, SPOILER ALERT: not all of them, though. Some will say it’s a happy ending and some won’t, but I think the book report had a good ending. All in all, I think I would recommend this book report to a friend if they liked reading but probably not if they had other things to do with their time like chilling out. ♦

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