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BREAKING: Team Wins Superbowl

By Nate Odenkirk | Staff Writer


Fans around the world rejoiced at the news that their team had won the Superbowl last night. This football team played against another for a long-ish period of time until one team, the winning team, had the most points. “It was surely a thrilling game of football,” remarked Mark Peen, a local football fanatic. “One for the books,” he added. The winner was announced on live broadcast television, and in print media in the morning’s paper for good measure.

The Superbowl, long known as the biggest match in all of football, is a game played every year, by just two teams out of many. Everyone roots for their favorite team to make it into the final match, which is then broadcasted on Superbowl day (hence, the name “The Superbowl”).

It is anyone’s guess what happens next, but insiders predict the winning team will receive some sort of commemorative trophy, while the losing side likely will not. For now, the biggest fans in football can finally get some sleep knowing that their favorite game is finally over. Thank god. ♦

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