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Trophy Wins Medal

By Nate Odenkirk | Staff Writer

DES MOINES—The Iowa State Sword Fighting Championship ended last weekend with one clear winner – Tom Trophy, a newcomer in the state’s sword fighting culture.  Mr. Trophy bested Stanley Prize to claim the 2019 medal. “It was a great round for sure,” said Trophy, 37, of the final match. The championship game, which lasted over five minutes and had spectators on edge for most of it, will surely go down in the history books. “But ultimately, only one of us can get the medal. This time, it was me—Tom Trophy—that won the award, no offense to Stanley.”

Stanley Prize placed second in the event. “I really wanted that metal,” said Award. “Sorry, I meant medal. I really wanted that medal. Think about the headline: ‘Stanley Wins Tournament.’ It writes itself.” ♦

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