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Confession: I Clogged the Oval Office Toilet

By Nasty Nancy Pulosee | Guest Writer

This is Nasty Nancy Pulosee from the House Democrats. When I went to President Trump’s office and yelled at him (very unfair and disrepsetfully!) for making smart decisions to make america Great Again, I used the bathroom connected to the Oval Office and clogged the toilet (very rude!)

Nancy Pelosi.png
Me excusing myself to go to the restroom.

Then when some very important Generals from the Pentagan came to meet with Our President, they thought that He clogged the toilet and they were very upset with him (totally unfair!). I also left half a roast beef sandwich in the bathroom so they thought Pres. Trump was eating in the bathroom. President was very embarased in front of Top Generals (very rude, very unfair!)

I refused to admit that I was the cloger because I am on a witch hunt to get the President, so I wrote this letter so the Generals and everyone else will know it was me, and not Predisent Trump. I’m a disgusting person, folks. Totally dishonest and unfair.


Nancy “Nasty” Puleose ♦

This letter was sent to Nathan Mostow on White House stationary.

Thank you for reading!
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