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Trump: “I Have Made A Huge Mistake. I Am Deeply Sorry”

By Donald J. Trump | Guest Writer

Donald J. Trump is a T.V. host and 45th president of the United States.

My fellow Americans, I write to you today concerning the disturbing allegations that I, in my official capacity as president, pressured Ukraine into investigating one of my political rivals. These reports are absolutely, completely correct. And I apologize. During my tenure as Commander in Chief, I have made transparency and honesty a cornerstone of my administration. I am not perfect by any means; but I strive to do what is right for the American people. All Americans.


Which makes my call with the Ukrainian president on July 25th so upsetting to me and my team. I knew the minute I hung up that I had made a grave error that threatened to tarnish America’s sterling reputation. As I’ve stressed, my usual levelheadedness and poise was substituted for recklessness. This is not the behavior you have come to expect of me, or any president for that matter. I have made a huge mistake. And I am deeply sorry.

Some will read this and remain forever doubtful to my commitment to the nation. I understand that. But I ask you to forgive my transgression, for the good of the country. Many have asked my opinion on the rapidly developing impeachment inquiry led by the competent Speaker Pelosi. My answer, simply, is that I have no opinion. The House is free to act upon the desires of their constituents and I will of course accept any outcome from the investigation. My focus now is on rebuilding the trust that I have so wantonly spent.

Let me be very clear: this is 100% my fault—no one else’s. I take full responsibility for this regretful episode. As a father who loves his children more than anything in the world, I know forgiveness and self-reflection is among the most important virtues you can exercise. As your president, I will continue to lead with integrity and respect for the office as I have done for years now.

God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

President Trump

P.S.—If you forgive me, maybe we can work something out… Rudy will be in touch with you. ♦

Nate Odenkirk accepts this heartfelt apology.

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