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Friend: “Dude, You’re Gonna Love this New Ethiopian Place”

By Your Friend | Guest Writer

aw, man, I just hit up this new Ethiopian place downtown, and it was so dope. I loved it. It was so exotic! I swear, it’s like a totally separate culture! I went with my mom on Saturday because we had a Groupon for 15% off or whatever. 

But the restaurant was so weird! It was really dark in the place and the menu was so big. I had a Sprite and then I ordered this really weird thing with like fifty tiny bowls of stew. Some of it was too spicy so I just asked them to bring me the regular versions.


They have this, uh, weird bread that they say to just grab food with it and eat everything. It was really sour and I did not like it, so I just asked them to bring me a fork. The trick is to just ask for a fork when you order everything.

Everything tasted like lentils, so I ended up making a quick run to the 7/11 next door to grab a hotdog and some BBQ Lays. I brought it back and they were super cool with me eating it in there and they even refilled my Sprite… Ethiopia must be an awesome place!

You should totally go sometime—but only if you’re into exotic food, like me. I’ll look at my Groupon history so I can find the name of the place.

BTW, I give the hotdogs at 7/11 a 7 out of 11. ♦

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